8 October 2011

#32 Wake up somewhere after a party with no memory of how you got there


This is one I've only done once before today, but since it's happened again I think the latest one deserves a mention. Life in uni is very different to home, with cheap drinks everywhere and clubs in walking distance! It's easy to get caught up in it all and in my case, a little carried away.

The Medical Society in my uni runs free drinks every Friday night for medics, and when you're a student, cheap is good but free is even better! Got my drinks four at a time, spent a while there and hit the toon (town in Geordie) which is where trebles bars come in. This is a whole new experience for me, bars which sell three glasses of vodka and mixer, with three shots in each, for five pounds - that's right, nine units for a fiver! After that I don't remember anything until I was back in my flat on my own, how I got there is still a mystery but I at least found out that my flatmates found me passed out in the bathroom when they came home at 3am and it took six of them to get an unconscious me into bed. I have no recollection whatsoever of seeing anyone even in my flat, let alone hauling me into my room. On the plus side, my hangover was nothing more than tiredness for the rest of the day - score!

Worth doing again? At the risk of annoying my flatmates and making them carry me again, definitely. I'm going to be a student for five years, and those free drinks are for life, so I'm making the most of it!!

5 July 2011

#58 Travel abroad on my own

Not yet completed Completed

Just about to catch my lift to London where I'll be picking up a flight to Berlin, travelling on my own for the first time when going abroad. The plan is to last a week with just 6 kilos of luggage and the things I'm wearing, so it should be interesting - I'm staying with an old friend who lives in Berlin, but who I haven't seen since 2004, when we were both 11 years old. 

Now I just have to make sure I get on the plane (well, it is Ryanair) and just hope it stays in the air long enough to get to Berlin. I've realised that I would be more worried about not being able to catch the flight in London than I would be getting stranded the middle of Berlin. Is it me, or does that sound a little odd?

Auf wiedersehen! 


I made it, all in one piece and somehow with all of my luggage as well! I'll give it to them, Ryanair are basic and want to charge you for every little thing, but their planes still fly, and they are good at being on time (they even got me to Berlin a quarter of an hour early, so bonus!)

30 June 2011

#7 Go to a Great West End Show


Living a couple of hours away from London by train means that you generally end up visiting the capital at least once in a while, in my case normally once every year or two for tourist-type purposes. Pretty soon you'll have seen Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, the London Eye and most of the other normal attractions, but less people take the time to go to a proper show in London's West End. It took me long enough, and for the chance to arise where I didn't actually have to pay for the trip or the ticket, but it would have been worth paying for as well!

For people who know how amazing Queen's songs have always been, and for people who might like music but not necessarily musicals, We Will Rock You at the London Dominion Theatre is the show to see. I won't spoil the storyline, but it includes countless Queen songs, along with dozens more from the last few decades, and the show is kept updated in line with the music industry - when I went, there was a tribute to the recent death of Michael Jackson, so who knows what will be in it now! I'd never seen so many lights and effects, definitely worth visiting!

18 June 2011

#4 Become Director of a Company


Most people, even if they wouldn't admit it, want to look important and have a fancy title or something like that. I'm one of the ones who'd admit that I've always wanted to look important! In about five years time I'll (hopefully) be able to call myself Dr Williamson, but until then I'll have to make do with what I've got. 

Now, lots of us have titles and descriptions; at the moment I'm a Sales Partner, a Student, an Author and quite a few other things. But my nicest title by far is Director, or in full Director and Trustee (nice, eh?). For the last two years I've had what's I can only describe as one of the most ceremonial roles I've ever known, sitting on the Central Norwich Citizens' Forum (basically an oversized residents' Forum that's got Company and Charity status). In short, I did some community work in my city when I was younger, representing "the youths" etc and eventually I was asked to join the CNCF, which has amounted to me going to one meeting since I was voted onto the Board of Directors! Some things actually do come with a good title, little effort and a decent reference whenever it's needed.

16 June 2011

# 13 Visit the Eiffel Tower


La Tour Eiffel is really a must see if you're in Paris, partly because in many parts of the French capital you can't help but see it. It's an obvious tourist trap, but it's worth seeing nevertheless; you just have to ignore the dozens of men with bunches of Eiffel Tower key-rings who want to sell you them for 5€ just because you're standing underneath the real thing!

If I'd had the time, I would have gone up the tower too, but in the middle of July (2009) it's several hours taken out of a trip to Paris and I was only there for the day, so it was a much more appealing option to go and have a wander around the rest of the city. I've heard that it's a great panorama from the viewing platform, but probably best if you're in the city for a few days or more.

Us tourists taking in the sights

9 June 2011

#5 & #6 Write a Book (and get it published)


In my travels around numerous Bucket List blogs and websites, I've realised that a lot of people want to write the book that "they've always had inside them" (regardless of whether they've really got one in them or not). The problem is that writing a book takes time, and writing a decent book takes creativity - two things which rapidly diminish in quantity as we get older. I was lucky that I decided to start young, and I finished my first book shortly after my eleventh or twelfth birthday (I can't even remember which any more), and kept writing and writing, every evening and weekend. As with many authors, some of the books were better than others, and some I've vowed will never be read by another soul (I couldn't bear to put someone through that!). At the moment, 100 Things to List is pretty much the only thing I'm writing, but I'm hoping to put a collection of posts from this blog into a book over the summer, when I have the time.

As for actually getting published, I've kept it as a separate item on the List because even after I'd written my first book, I really wanted to get it published, and that only finally happened this year, so in my opinion they're worth two different places on the list. Admittedly, it isn't traditional publishing, instead I now have four books for sale on Amazon as ebooks, mainly designed for the Amazon Kindle reader. It's quick, easy and you can still make money from it, without having to shell out for an agent or hundreds of your own print copies. Thanks to Kindle Direct Publishing, I can now give myself the illustrious title of "international author", having sold a metaphorical handful of books in the USA and Germany as well as the UK. 

If you're interested in taking a look (or even buying) any of my books, you can find a list of them on Amazon here. I'll admit when I'm shamelessly plugging my own work, but I might as well! (I'd recommend Elysia and Rescue out of the lot)

5 June 2011

#15 Dye my Hair


This one has been fun, and I've done it more than once. OK, I've never dyed it permanently but you can get some cans of spray-on dye in every colour you could want, so why not?

You have to expect odd looks when you walk down the street in torn clothes and bright green hair, but nowadays people pay way too little attention to each other when you're out and about - this method tends to get them to make eye contact at least!

If you don't care about what strangers think about you (or don't want to care), here's one for you! I certainly don't give one jot about what people in the street think about me, especially if I'll never see them again!

This one didn't come out easily, the photo
was taken the day after spraying
My poor attempt at a clown, whilst trying not
to be a scary clown!